If You Could Send a Letter To Your Younger Self. What Would You Write?

If I could send a letter back in time, I would send it to my sixteen year old self. I would make sure she knew that there is no reason to worry or fret over the little things that are going on in her life at that time.

Dear Beautiful Young Lady:

I’m writing to you from the future, I want you to know that you will be ok, that things will work out in the end, how do I know this? Because I’m you but I’m now 48 years old in a couple of days. All the things your parents say and all the advice they give you, listen because they were right. Time does heal all heartache, it heals all pain, you never forget but it becomes easier. The boy you’re upset over, well he’s moved on and so do you. The girls who bullied you there ended up being bullied and realized that they got hurt too. The girlfriends that you have now may or may not be there in your future but they were put there for a reason you will see.

The friend or family member that passed away in your future, you will learn from them. It will shape you into the lady you will become.

I can’t tell you everything as you will not be able to live and learn from your mistakes or your success. I wish that I could but then it wouldn’t be called your future. But let me just say this you will have fun, you will love and you will get hurt and you will be sad and you will be overjoyed, but you will live a beautiful life, with beautiful friends and family in it. Love yourself as only you know how to do that, You can not tell or show anyone how to, and like yourself as if you do not like yourself no one else can.

Another piece of advice that was given to me, learn to like yourself and learn to love being alone. It’s the best gift. If you do not love yourself how can you let anyone else love you.

The last piece of advice, be yourself, try not to be anyone else as you are born to shine so if you’re trying to shine under another one’s light you will be in the shadow instead of shining yourself. you’re the best one to be yourself.

Enjoy your life for its the ride of a lifetime and you only get one shot at it, Love, live and laugh often. and do not forget friends and boyfriends come and go but family lasts forever.

From ~ The Future Older Lady

So my question to others is what would you tell your younger self?

I'm a Certified Yoga Teacher, Jewelry Designer, Published Author, I help my Husband Run A Publishing Company

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