Seeking Beaches and Sunset Adventures

St Martin

Seeking Beaches and Sunset Adventures What is it that Draws me to the Beach

I have always loved the beach, it’s where I find I relax the most. The many different colors of blue of the ocean and sky, draws you in. Listening to the waves is soothing to me.

The salt air breeze the warmth of the sun, the sand between your toes and under your feet. Grounds me to be in that moment. It is meditation for me. I have done some very deep thinking on the beaches of the Caribbean Islands that I have been to. In order to make deep decisions your mind needs to be clear and this is where I find I can do that. The vibes that the ocean and beach have are some of the best ways to calm people. I think that is why I’m drawn to the beach. It is not just the view its how the beach makes me feel.

Cayo Santa Maria Cuba
Shades of Blue

I love the beach so much that we got married on the beach. I believe that the beach makes me feel ALIVE, Healthy and Rejuvenated. It is where I feel myself the most. I’m a certified yoga instructor and when I can do yoga on the beach it truly is the best way to meditate.

I look forward to doing yoga on the beaches in Olon, Ecuador. Maybe one day you will see me on the beach, and if you do please stop and join me in the flow of yoga.

I look forward to Seeking Beaches and Sunset Adventures. Follow my blog Page to see our journey in Ecuador.



I'm a Certified Yoga Teacher, Jewelry Designer, Published Author, I help my Husband Run A Publishing Company

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